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Teaching Statement

I would describe myself as a teacher who is kind, patient, respectful and encouraging. Someone who actively listens and who generally cares about the students’ development and experience in the classroom. I adopt a student-oriented approach to teaching and aim to promote equality of opportunity in education, taking into consideration the diversity of backgrounds, abilities and experiences that students bring to the classroom. These differences are valuable, but also highlight the importance of being flexible in accommodating students’ needs and actively creating an inclusive, safe space wherein all students feel validated and feel free to contribute.

I strongly believe that teachers should not only be knowledgeable and able to transfer knowledge from their discipline, but that they ought to contribute to the overall (epistemic) development of the students and prepare them for the world outside education. Especially developing intellectual courage and critical thinking skills are not merely core to good philosophical conduct; they are transferable skills that promote creativity and innovation in tackling the pressing societal issues that face us today.

Teaching experience (T.A.)

Acquired Higher Education Academy Associate Fellowship status (2023)

Eindhoven University of Technology

0LVX10 Impact of Technology: Ethics (2024)

Utrecht University

PP3V20004 PPE in Society (2024)

Thesis Supervisor & coordinator BA Philosophy (2024)

W Y1V14018 Introduction to Practical Ethics (2018)

Warwick University

Writing Support Tutor (2022-2023)

PH133 Introduction to Philosophy 1 (2020)

PH133 Introduction to Philosophy 2 (2021, 2023)

PH212 Applied Ethics (2023)

28/02/23   “Applied Ethics” (BA2). University of Warwick. 
16/2/22  “Applied Epistemology” (BA2). University College Dublin.
10/12/19 "Introduction to Applied Ethics" (BA1). University of Genoa. 


Guest Lectures

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